D.C. Design House Playroom

D.C. Design House Playroom

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Designed by: Katherine Vernot-Jonas

Designs Style: Modern, bright and contemporary. I used bold C2 paint colors Cordon Bleu and Viburnum.

Describe your room in one word: Fun. Concept: The room was inspired by my 12- year-old daughter and is meant to encourage children to be active, healthy and get exercise. I wanted to bring the outside playground inside the house. I think technology is consuming our kids. There isn't any technology in this multipurpose room meant for physical or creative activities. There is a climbing net, a stretching bar, workout rings and trapeze bar combo, and a rock-climbing wall, but no computer, TV or radio.

Favorite Item: The Tree Bookcase. I was looking for a creative contemporary place for books. I liked this modern design that could encourage little ones to read by a tree.

Light fixture: I think it looks like a galaxy with shooting stars. It's the Possini Euro Design Galaxy Chrome Light.

Interesting detail: The 6/2-inch-high carpeted platform gives the kids a little stage. All children love to perform. I created a wood platform and put in a layer of cork for resilience and topped it with FLOR carpet tiles in the Ambrosia pattern in the color Ocean.


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