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Integrating Wellbeing into Your Space

At KVJDesigns, we understand that your living spaces are a canvas for your life. They should reflect your personality, style, and values while seamlessly blending aesthetics with functionality. Our room facelift services are designed to do just that – breathe new life into your rooms, creating spaces that not only look stunning but also serve your needs efficiently.


Transforming Your Space for a Healthier Lifestyle

Carefully selecting design elements, the right colors, and incorporating natural light plays a pivotal role in fostering a healthier lifestyle. Soft blues and greens create a tranquil atmosphere, while neutral tones contribute to a balanced sense of well-being. Embracing biophilic principles, incorporating natural wood and green hues in interior design, along with maximizing the use of natural light, connects you to nature and promotes overall health. Studies show that exposure to natural elements and ample natural light positively impacts mental well-being. By purposefully integrating these design elements, color choices, and harnessing the power of natural light, your living environment can actively contribute to supporting and improving your overall well-being.


Bring Your Vision to Life In Three Simple Steps

Our room facelift services follow this structured approach, allowing us to create spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also personalized, efficient, and optimized for well-being.

  • Consultation and Vision

    Our room facelift services begin with a personalized consultation to understand your vision and preferences. During this initial meeting, we listen closely to your ideas and needs, aiming to capture the essence of your style and the atmosphere you want to create. We assess the current state of the room and collaboratively plan a customized design strategy that aligns with your goals and budget. Your vision becomes our guiding principle, ensuring that the transformation caters to your specific desires.

  • Transformation and Implementation

    After material and color choices have been approved, we meticulously optimize the room's layout, making sure every aspect enhances both aesthetics and functionality. Our skilled team then executes the design plan with a focus on detail, from furniture placement to decor. We prioritize the use of eco-friendly and sustainable materials, enhancing the longevity and sustainability of your revamped space.

  • Reveal and Collaboration

    During this exciting phase, we encourage open collaboration and value your feedback. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal. If any adjustments are needed, we make them to ensure that the room not only looks stunning but also aligns seamlessly with your lifestyle. Once your vision has been fully realized and the design meets your approval, we conclude the project, leaving you with a room that beautifully reflects your style and enhances your living experience.


Before and After Transformation

Discover the magic of a room facelift that not only pleases the eye but also elevates your daily living experience.

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Our Works

Witness the remarkable home transformations achieved by our customers.

  • "There are not enough superlatives to use to describe Katherine. She’s professional, creative, has an incredible eye and an amazing commitment to detail.  She is totally dedicated to making any project a complete success, owning it from start to finish. She works well with any vendor, contractor, artist, or furniture maker. Additionally, she has the best contacts in each of these areas. The result of her designs is a totally unique, functional, and beautiful product. We are so proud of our home, and we owe it all to Katherine. We cannot recommend her more highly."

    - Jackie B & Karl S.

  • “Working with Katherine Vernot was fantastic! She has so many great ideas while working within your vision & budget. Katherine is very efficient & professional. She researched her recommendations so that we would not be disappointed. Quality of materials used, is her priority. Meetings were organized with drawings, design boards & samples. Virtual & in person meetings throughout our experience were always productive with her preparation & research. Floor to ceilings and everything in between with much attention to detail. We are very pleased with how our project came together and would highly recommend Katherine. We will look forward to working with Katherine on our next project. "

    - Owners, BAIA Coastal Italian Kitchen & Wine Bar

  • “Walking into my office makes me smile. I am surrounded by light, colors, and a sense of joy. Katherine made this possible by listening patiently to me and working nonstop until my dream office materialized right in front of my eyes."

    - Dr. Daisy Pascualvaca


What are the key benefits of a room facelift?

Room facelifts offer benefits such as improved aesthetics, enhanced functionality, increased property value, and the opportunity to personalize your living space to better suit your needs and style.

What's the difference between a room facelift and a full renovation?

A room facelift is a less extensive project that focuses on cosmetic changes and may not involve structural alterations. In contrast, a full renovation typically includes structural modifications and more comprehensive changes.

How long does a room facelift project typically take to complete?

The timeline can vary depending on the scope and complexity of the project, but a typical room facelift can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. Schedule a consultation to learn more.

Do room facelifts involve changing the color scheme and decor?

Yes, room facelifts often include selecting new color schemes and updating decor to create a cohesive and fresh look.

How do you ensure that the room facelift aligns with the client's preferences?

A key part of the process is consultation and collaboration with the client to understand their vision and needs. Design choices are made in accordance with the client's style and goals.

Can I live in my home during a room facelift project?

It's often possible to remain in your home during a facelift, but certain aspects of the project may require you to temporarily relocate from the room being renovated.


Ready to turn your vision into reality?

With KVJDesigns, you can expect rooms that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional, where every element contributes to your overall well-being and comfort.