Installation/Removal Instructions

  • Wall Preparation

    The surface should be sound, clean, smooth and primed (and fully cured according to the manufacturer’s instructions) for optimum results. Do not install this product on a wallpapered surface.

    Paste Activation

    Apply water on back of each panel/strip with a roller or submerse each panel/strip in a wallpaper tray to activate adhesive.

    “Book” the wallpaper by folding the paste side on itself. Avoid creasing the wallpaper.

    1. Fold the bottom end to about one-half of the way up the paper (figure a)

    2. Fold the top down just to meet that point (figure b)

    3. With the pasted sides together, fold the strip in half or roll it up loosely and set it aside to relax for approximately three minutes

  • Application of this product to Wall

    Unfold one side of the panel/strip and position the paste side along the top of the surface being covered. When positioned correctly, unfold the balance of the panel/strip and smooth downward and outward on the surface with a broad smoothing brush or damp sponge. Small bubbles will dissipate on their own as the surface dries.

    You are ready to install the next panel/strip. It is recommended to overlap and double cut the seams and remove the trim to create a butt seam.

    Removal Instructions

    Start at the top of the wallpaper and carefully separate a full width strip about 8” down from the top away from the surface. If beginning the removal process you are unable to separate the paper from the surface, apply water with a damp sponge to moisten the paper surface. With both hands, slowly pull the paper at a downward angle. Any remaining adhesive can be removed with a damp sponge.

    For additional information and installation video go to: