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These distinctive 'Color Me' placemats invite creativity with markers or crayons, turning every meal into a personalized masterpiece. Unleash your imagination and elevate your dining experience with a touch of individuality

Size: 15" x 11.5"
Material: Made from premium 0.40 Mil Flexible Plastic, our placemats offer exceptional durability and versatility.

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by KVJ Designs Home

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of coloring with our Life & Legacy Collection. Thanks to the collaborations with two exceptionally talented artists from New Hampshire, each placemat in this collection is not only a testament to creativity, imagination, and skill but also a canvas awaiting your personal touch.

The artwork featured on each placemat presents a distinct scenario, ranging from everyday subjects to a delightful departure from convention. These coloring placemats offer a unique interactive experience, allowing you to bring your artistic flair to the table, making every dining occasion a delightful celebration of creativity.

These unique placemats serve not only as functional additions to your dining experience but also as engaging conversation starters. Whether you're sharing meals with family or entertaining guests, the Life & Legacy Collection coloring placemats add an extra layer of interactivity, making them enjoyable for all ages.

Enjoy the fusion of art and practicality with these coloring placemats, creating a personalized and memorable dining atmosphere.

Art Collaborations:
1. "A Daily Doodle" by Robert H. Seaman and Robin Hayes
2. Courtney Parsons
3. Laura Quevedo

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"These placemats has been a delightful experience, turning mealtime into a creative and engaging activity. The intricate designs not only captivate my attention but also provide a relaxing way to unwind, making every dining experience uniquely enjoyable. The quality of the placemats ensures that they withstand the coloring process, adding a touch of personalization to the table while making cleanup a breeze. Highly recommended for anyone looking to add a splash of creativity to their meals!"

- Vanessa